Milan 2018

Call for papers:

Since the first studies and seminars, respeaking has always been characterised by an evolving scenario. However, during the last years, respeaking has dramatically changed in terms of both process and product. EU-funded projects and a more generalised interest from the broadcasting and political communities have increased the speed and accuracy of speech-recognition technology (ASR). This has not only improved what already existed in a very efficient manner, but it has also widened the number of languages, audiences and applications, with automatic and semi-automatic live subtitling, live reporting, and interlingual respeaking, among others, increasingly catching the attention of market, developers and academia.

After ForlÌ (2006), Barcelona (2009), Antwerp (2011), Barcelona (2013) and Rome (2015), the 6th International Symposium on Live Subtitling will be organised in Milan on 14 September 2018 thanks to the joint collaboration of the International Association of Respeaking onA.I.R. – Intersteno Italia and the local Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori "Altiero Spinelli". The symposium is traditionally an important think-tank with professionals, users and researchers usefully exchanging their views about the most diverse fields of interest.

For this reason the scientific committee welcomes members of the three communities, but not only them, to send proposals about the following topics, but not limited to them:

- new technological developments;

- automatic and semi-automatic live subtitling;

- interlingual respeaking;

- live court and parliamentary reporting;

- universal accessibility;

- quality of real-time subtitling;

- the didactics of respeaking.

Abstracts in English of max. 1000 characters should be sent as an attachment to by May 30th. Please mention author, affiliation and proposed title of presentation. Notification of accepted proposals will be communicated to authors directly by June 15th and the final program will be published by June 20th.