Interlingual Live TV Subtitling through Respeaking

In September 2011, we carried out a pilot project with I.S.P. (an Italian company which provides live subtitling as a service) involving a professional intralingual respeaker, two professional simultaneous interpreters, four editors and the PerVoice workstation. The project aims at proving the feasibility of interlingual respeaking through the generation of Italian subtitles in real time from five French live television programs (weather forecast, news, a political interview, a sport interview, a talk show). None of the professionals who took part in the research had experience with interlingual live subtitling and none of them had been specifically trained for it. Every step of these performances (respeaking, editing, broadcasting) was recorded and considered for the final analysis of the results. The quality of subtitles was evaluated by comparing the analysis of interlingual live subtitles with those recorded directly from the French TV (intralingual).