SPEAKERS: Aline Remael, Isabelle Robert (University of Antwerp) 

TITLE: Live subtitlers. Who are they?

ABSTRACT: Our paper will focus on the first results of the ILSA Erasmus+ project on interlingual live subtitling with speech recognition (respeaking)* whose aims are to identify the skills and profile of the interlingual live subtitler, to develop, test and validate the first training course on interlingual live subtitling, and to provide a protocol for the implementation of this discipline in three real-life scenarios, namely TV, political/social settings and the classroom. In our paper, we will report on the results of a survey focusing on the first aim of the project, i.e. identifying the skills and profile of the interlingual live subtitler. Between March and May 2018, we conducted an online survey among (1) trainers of intralingual and interlingual live subtitling at Institutions of Higher Education, (2) live-subtitlers, (3) broadcasters and service providers. We will present the results of the surveys at the symposium.

*The ILSA Erasmus+ project team is composed by: Pablo Romero Fresco, ILSA project leader, University of Vigo; Luis Alonso, Ana Pereira and Lourdes Lorenzo, ILSA researchers, University of Vigo; Isabelle Robert and Aline Remael, ILSA researchers, University of Antwerp; Wojciech Figiel, Agnieszka Szarkowska and Łukasz Dutka, ILSA researchers,  University of Warsaw; Franz Pöchhacker, ILSA researcher, University of Vienna.

ALINE REMAEL (aline.remael@uantwerpen.be) is Department Chair, and Professor of Translation Theory, Interpreting and Audiovisual Translation at the Department of Applied Linguistics/Translators and Interpreters at the University of Antwerp. Her main research interests and publications are in AVT/media accessibility, including audio description and live subtitling with speech recognition. She is the supervisor of a university-funded project on accessible theatre and partner in 3 European Erasmus+ accessibility projects (ACT, ADLAB PRO and ILSA). She is also the co-founder of the UAntwerp’s new “Expertise Centre for Accessible Media and Culture: OPEN”, a member of TransMedia, former member of ESIST and EST boards and currently board member of the European Network of Public Service Interpreting (ENPSIT).

ISABELLE ROBERT (isabelle.robert@uantwerpen.be)  is lecturer of French at the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting at the University of Antwerp, where she teaches undergraduate courses on French oral and written text production and in Translation Studies, and graduate courses on Dutch–French translation, revision and translation technology. Her main research interests include translation process, quality in audiovisual translation, translation revision process and sight translation. She is the treasurer of the European Society for Translation Studies and an active member of the editorial board of the translation journal Linguistica Antverpiensia New Series – Themes in Translation Studies.