SPEAKERS: Annalisa Sandrelli (UNINT, Rome), Elena Davitti (University of Surrey)

TITLE: An interlingual respeaking project: SMART  

ABSTRACT: Although intralingual respeaking is now widely used to provide live subtitling for the deaf and hearing-impaired in many settings, interlingual respeaking (IRSP) is still in its infancy. As respeaking between two languages has the potential to address the pressing need to access an ever-increasing amount of multilingual content, much research is required on (1) the skills and competences needed by interlingual respeakers and on (2) the design of effective courses to train prospective respeakers in the shortest possible time. The SMART project (Shaping Multilingual Access with Respeaking Technology) tries to address the key research question in IRSP, namely whether a specific training background can support the acquisition of the skills needed to perform this challenging task. In January-February 2018 a series of experiments took place at UNINT (Rome), University of Surrey and University of Roehampton with the participation of subjects with different training backgrounds, who performed the same IRSP tasks using the Dragon Naturally Speaking software (v.15). The proposed paper reports on the preliminary findings of the project, which forms the basis of a larger-scale study currently being planned.

ANNALISA SANDRELLI (annalisa.sandrelli@unint.eu) is Lecturer in English in the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation of the International University (UNINT) in Rome. Over the years she has taught a variety of modules in Interpreting, Audiovisual Translation, Audio-description and Respeaking. She has taken part in several EU-funded and national projects. She is currently involved in the Eurolect Corpus project and she also coordinates the DubTalk/TVTalk project on audiovisual translation. After taking part in the SMART project on interlingual respeaking (funded by the University of Surrey), she is now leading SMART2 (funded by UNINT). She is a member of the Galician Observatory for Media Accessibility (GALMA) and of the LARIM interpreting research group. 

ELENA DAVITTI (e.davitti@surrey.ac.uk) is Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Surrey. Her expertise is in multimodal analysis ofinterpreter-mediated interaction. Her research extends totechnologies applied to interpreting, particularly video-mediated interpreting, and innovations in interpreter education, as shown by her involvement in several EU-funded projects (co-investigator on AVIDICUS 3 and EVIVA, partner in SHIFT In Orality). She has led phase I of the SMART project on interlingualrespeaking,funded by the University of Surrey, and is participating in phase II, funded by UNINT. She is co-founder of LARIM and member of AIM research groups on interpreter-mediated interaction and member of the Galician Observatory for Media Accessibility.