SPEAKERS: Giuliano Pirelli (JRC Voice project leader), Giacomo Pirelli (onA.I.R.)

TITLE: The VOICE Project’s 20 years in live subtitling through respeaking: what’s next?

ABSTRACT: PART 1: 20 years ago, the VOICE Project, developed at the European Commission Joint Research Centre in the frame of the awareness rising projects of EC DG-XIII-TIDE (Telematics for the Integration of Disabled and Elderly People), demonstrated the feasibility of live voice recognition to generate subtitles of speeches and television broadcasts. Later on, the European Broadcasting Union and the Cenelec Standardisation Committee joined the idea of television subtitles’ harmonisation. After The Year 2003 of People with Disability, the ideas spread around, facilitated by the new developments in information technologies and mobile phones, with results far beyond by the initial expectations. How to continue on this (real) dream?  

PART 2: Previously as deaf student at the University of Turin and currently as deaf employee at the same University, I could follow the potentialities and the results achieved in the use of live voice recognition for generating subtitles. Thanks to my collaboration with several national and international associations of the deaf as well as in the development of a section in the VOICE Project’s Web Site, I could follow and analyze the updates in this area. The services that helped me, such as live subtitling of conferences and university lectures and the stream live subtitling of a session of Euroscola in the European Parliament Hemicycle, where I was on a traineeship, continue to improve their quality. What do we need more? What is available but not fully used? What is lost, apparently without any reason? 

GIULIANO PIRELLI (giulianopirelli@gmail.com) holds a degree in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino and one in Science of Information and Documentation at Université Libre de Bruxelles. After having worked at FIAT and at the EU Council on Information Systems and legal information respectively, Giuliano has started his career as a researcher at the EC Joint Research Centre at Ispra. He took part in and led several disability-related EU-funded  projects, such as the “Tele-communications for people with disability” project, the “VOICE” Project and the “Harmonisation of subtitling in European TV broadcasting” project. He is not the Honorary President of the International Association of Respeaking onAIR – Intersteno Italia.

GIACOMO PIRELLI (giac_pirelli@hotmail.com ) holds a degree in Multimedia Audiovisual Representation and is currently employed by the University of Turin in charge of Information Systems related to accessibility. He is the webmaster of the VOICE-Project website and collaborates with several Italian and international associations of deaf and hard of hearing users for its accessibility. He is the onA.I.R. Manager of Communication with associations of deaf and HoH persons.