AUTHORS: Henk-Jan Eras (Parliamentary Reporting Office, Dutch House of Representatives)

TITLE: "Speech-to-report? (Not) there yet?"

ABSTRACT:  Once the hidden treasure of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), 100% accuracy, is found, computers will generate “perfect” audio transcripts. Reporters know those transcripts by no means imply “perfect” reports. Crafting of some sort will still be needed for readable texts. One could say: reporters translate spoken word to formal language. But what if this process can also be automated?

In 2017, the Dutch Parliamentary Reporting Office (PRO) carried out a study on this subject, titled “Spreek2Schrijf” (“Speech2Write”). This study, in cooperation with the Radboud University of Nijmegen, investigates the feasibility of combining ASR and automatic translation techniques to process an automated speech-to-report conform the editing rules of the PRO.

The preliminary results and findings of this study were presented during the  51st INTERSTENO-International Federation for Information and Communication Processing - congress, held from 22-28 july 2017 in Berlin.

The conclusive results and findings of this study and the subsequent PRO-pilot with the Speech2Write-webservice will be presented in Milan. These findings regard the quality of the textproducts, the usability of the products in the PRO-workflow and the possible alternate use of these products as B- or low budget type live subtitling.

HENK-JAN ERAS (, MSc, (1964) works in The Hague as a Team leader and Quality officer with the Parliamentary Reporting Office of the States-General of the Netherlands. Henk-Jan has over 25 years experience with parliamentary practice and practicalities. Main fields of working interest include: Reporting, video on demand, internet applications, speech-processing technology, (live) subtitling, metadata, chain management, client panels, usability and quality control.