SPEAKERS: Monika Szczygielska (dostępni.eu), Łukasz Dutka (University of Warsaw)

TITLE: Proposal of guidelines on universally accessible online streaming with live subtitles

ABSTRACT: Live online streaming offers many opportunities. For the users, it’s a chance to get involved in live events no matter where they are. For the event organisers, it’s a way to reach a wider audience. But it’s also a challenge. How to make live streaming universally accessible to everyone and keep it accessible when the content is re-distributed or archived? Is it enough to add live subtitles, audio description and sign language interpreting to achieve accessible live streaming? How to prepare presentations to make them work in live streaming? What are the most frequent errors one should avoid? How to keep the live streaming cost-effective? As we access more live content on the Internet, the accessibility of live streaming becomes increasingly important. We believe it’s time to start working towards a standard of accessible live streaming. We will discuss challenges faced by event organizers, streaming and accessibility services providers and professionals, including respeakers and live interlingual subtitlers, when trying to provide streaming with live subtitling, and we will put forward a proposal of guidelines on universally accessible online streaming with live subtitles.

MONIKA SZCZYGIELSKA (biuro@dostepni.eu)  Specialist in legal and practical aspects of accessibility; communication specialist; Deputy Chairman of the Board of Widzialni Foundation, an NGO specializing in accessibility of websites and live events; co-operates with the Culture without Barriers Foundation; co-organizes Culture without Barriers Week; member of Forum of Accessible Cyberspace and Wide Coalition in Aid of Digital Skills. Owner of Dostepni.eu - professional creators team specializing in media accessibility; worked with the Polish President's Office providing sign language interpreting for their website and with the National Audiovisual Institute helping to make films accessible. Dostepni.eu was the first in Poland to introduce live subtitling through respeaking during conferences in 2013; live interlingual subtitling in 2015; ; and the first Polish live subtitling service on TV in 2017. She’s an author of courses and publications on accessibility, including “Accessible multimedia” and “Accessible events in practise”. 

ŁUKASZ STANISŁAW DUTKA (lukasz.dutka@uw.edu.pl) is lecturer and trainer at the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University Warsaw, Poland, involved in training interpreters, audiovisual translators and accessibility professionals. In 2012 he became an in-house subtitler for Polish public broadcaster TVP and was responsible for semi-live subtitling of news broadcasts. He's a member of Dostepni.eu team and has experience working as an interpreter, respeaker, audiovisual translator and providing theatre surtitles. He's a consultant on Polish AVT quality for VOD platforms. A member of University of Warsaw Audiovisual Translation Lab (AVT Lab), Polish Association of Audiovisual Translators (STAW), European Society for Translation Studies (EST) and European Association for Studies in Screen Translation (ESIST).