SPEAKERS: Rocío Bernabé (SDI - Munich), Pilar Orero (UAB - Barcelona)

TITLE: The LTA project – Bridging the gap between training and profession in live subtitling

ABSTRACT: Live Text Access (LTA) is a project that approaches the mismatch between trained and needed skills in the labour market by a collaboration between educational and non-educational partners. Subtitlers trained by LTA will have suitable skills to provide high-quality subtitles by respeaking or Velotype in four different contexts: cultural events, parliamentary assemblies, broadcasts and education, and for three working settings: face-to-face, online, and by relay.

LTA opens job opportunities for people with and without disabilities. The harmonized profiles, skills, frames and competence requirements, and the ready-to-use materials will allow for easy implementation at Universities and companies. Further, LTA opens a training pathway outside the universities for current professionals willing to develop new skills through vocational training.

ROCÍO BERNABÉ (rocio.bernabe@sdi-muenchen.de), MA in Translation (UGR) and MA in Accessible Technologies (UNIR), deputy Head of the Professional College of Translation and Interpreting of the SDI in Munich (Germany) and lecturer at the SDI University of Applied Languages. She has worked as a specialized staff translator for almost twenty years and has ten years of teaching experience. Her interest on accessibility and technology motivated her to pursue a MA degree in Accessible Technologies, where she dedicated her thesis to studying the User Centred Design approach of Easy-to-Read digital projects. She is also a member of TransMedia Catalonia interdisciplinary research group and the International Association of Accessibility Professionals

PILAR ORERO (pilar.orero@uab.cat) teaches at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), and is member of the research group TransMedia Catalonia. Recently she has edited with Anna Maszerowska and Anna Matamala (2014) Audio Description. New perspectives illustrated; and with Anna Matamala (2016) Researching Audio Description. She participates in the ITU IRG-AVA - Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Media Accessibility, and is Member of the working group ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35, and of the Spanish UNE working group on accessibility. She leads the EU projects HBB4ALL, ACT, and UMAQ, and is a partner of four H2020 projects (EasyTV, ImAc, REBUILD and HELIOS), and of two ERASMUS+ projects (EASIT and LTA). She is an active external evaluator for many worldwide national agencies and is co-founder of the Media Accessibility Platform MAP.