SPEAKERS: Simona Ficcardi  and Andrea Venuto (Municipality of Rome), Carlo Eugeni (Intersteno) TITLE: Rome, open (access) city – A universally-designed platform for direct democracy

ABSTRACT: Public entities are bound to make the works of their bodies public and accessible. Normally, they do that either online or offline through reports, videorecordings, sign language interpreting or live subtitles.

The municipality of Rome has decided to adopt a Universal Design approach in both accessibility and reporting by putting them together. To this purpose, a revolutionary project makes the works of the municipal council universally accessible both online and offline, through a multi-channel platform that offers audiovisual recording, automatic reporting and indexing, live subtitling and sign-language interpreting. Online, it allows for access to deaf people, foreign people, and people living in noisy or silent environments, through live subtitles and sign language interpretation. Offline, it allows for subtitles, reporting, archiving, and a lot more. 

During the conference, the philosophy behind the platform will be explained. Then the machine and its functioning will be illustrated. Finally, first research data collected will be shown and discussed.

SIMONA FICCARDI (simona.ficcardi@comune.roma.it) is council member of the Municipality of Rome and in charge of all policies related to Disability.

ANDREA VENUTO (andrea.venuto@comune.roma.it)  is the Disability Manager of the Municipality of Rome. In charge of Universal Accessibility, he is responsible for all accessibility projects of the City. After several tests, he has decided to give birth to TIRONE, a project which puts together accessibility and reporting, to simultaneously make the works of the Municipality accessible to deaf people, and to facilitate the publication process of the related reports.

CARLO EUGENI (carloeugeni@gmail.com) is the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of INTERSTENO, the International Federation of Information and Communication Processing. Thanks to his PhD studies on respeaking, Carlo has been pioneering research and training on respeaking since 2003. He is in charge of the scientific assessment of the TIRONE project of the Municipality of Rome, and of the development of the training module for real-time subtitlers within the Erasmus+ LTA project.