SPEAKER: Zoe Moores (University of Roehampton)

TITLE: Respeaking at Live Events: Ensuring Quality in Diverse Settings 

ABSTRACT: In the UK, the majority of intralingual live subtitling on TV is produced through respeaking, yet stenography remains the method of choice for providing access at live events. What steps are needed to introduce respeaking at live events and ensure high-quality subtitles? Why is there an apparent prejudice against respeaking and a misunderstanding of the skilled work respeakers do, despite the visibility of their subtitles in public places? These are key questions addressed in this presentation. 

Drawing on data collected within research into how respeaking can be used to make live events accessible to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing and wider audience, the quality of respeaking across a series of live events is analysed. The effect of different factors, including working environment, respeaking style (verbatim/edited) and content, on the quality of live subtitles is considered. The data presented draws on NER analyses alongside interviews with respeakers and audience feedback; a training programme for respeaking at live events is also discussed.

ZOE MOORES (mooresz1@roehampton.ac.uk) worked as an accessibility subtitler at Red Bee Media, Ericsson and is a PhD student in respeaking at the University of Roehampton. She is researching how respeaking can be used at live events to increase accessibility both for the deaf and hard of hearing audience and for other audience groups who might benefit from this provision, for example language learners. Zoe is part of the Galician Observatory for Media Access and is involved in many projects on accessibility.